Case Studies

Below is a sampling of case studies I’ve authored, by discipline.

Entrepreneurial Finance

Entrepreneurial Finance

Betting on the future of a “Kid From Pawtucket:” Successful investment management for Boston’s high net-worth individuals: Story of self-made entrepreneur who builds up firm and next ponders his succession plan.

East West Mortgage Company: There When They’re Needed: Economics of the residential mortgage issue and how to prime a mortgage company for efficient operation.

Frogtown Cellars, LLP: Harvesting the Fruits of Early Success: Pricing and distribution challenges for a new winery in rural Georgia, located about 2 hours outside of Atlanta.

Frost Ice Bar: Hot opening and something cool in Boston: The development and opening of Boston’s first ice bar, which is an extension of the famed Boston Duck franchise.

Lights, Camera, Action… or Cut!:2007-2008 Writers Guild Strike: How and why an industry-wide strike might affect the future investment attractiveness of movie production firms.

Marugal Distinctive Hotel Management… Boutique Style: Hotel management start-up, which confronts expansion challenges and business model changes in Spain and France.

Personal Physicians Healthcare: The Patient is Always Right: Metrics for success for a multi-physician concierge medicine practice.

Radio Warfare: Continuous Soft Rock and Less Talk.  Strategic Considerations for one of Boston’s Oldest Stations—Magic 106.7 FM: How and why the radio industry has changed and where the next high probability of success investment areas lie.

Sesame Workshop: Growing Pains or Midlife Crisis?: Strategic planning for a non-profit with a world famous brand. Building and Sustaining a Successful Business in a Highly Volatile and
Unregulated Industry: Story of an online ticketing company utilizing automated purchasing software.

International Entrepreneurship

International Entrepreneurship

Cross-Border Sponsorship: The Newest Trend in Athlete Endorsements Outside of the United States: Why and how international athlete sponsorship benefits companies financially.

これはちょっと:International Brand Management and EMC: Adjustment and tweaking of worldwide advertising campaign for use Japan, the company’s largest Asia Pacific market.

Kumar Elastics: The Rising of the Third Generation in Modern India: Business expansion and succession planning in a family business whose children were western educated.

Mamma Mia!: The Little Show That Could!: Success and failure in the international performing arts space.

Mojitos Night Club: Pum Para Arriba (“Higher and Higher”): Marketing to individual nationalities within the same ethic sphere, and working through business partnership issues.

Oil & Water: Politics and the Inner Workings of the Japan National Oil Company: How Japanese companies make investment decisions inside government supported organizations.

Phonetic Systems: A ‘Sound’ Market Competitor: Valuation and investment attractiveness for a speech recognition company.

Thailand: Regarded as the Nicest Culture in Asia: Spurring Positive Investment into
Thailand as it Confronts Business and Political Struggles: How and why natural disasters and terrorism threats might affect the long-term investment attractiveness of a single country.

Veconinter, C.A.: Building, and Rebuilding, a Successful Business in a Highly Volatile
Region of Venezuela: The challenges of expanding a Venezuelan-based shipping container company both domestically and throughout the world.

Business Planning / General Entrepreneurship

Business Planning / General Entrepreneurship

Beijing Sammies: Serving the Client, Not the Sandwich: Business planning and expansion strategies for a Canadian national who’s a long-term resident of China.

Bizland: Helping Small Businesses Succeed Since 1997: Adjustments to strategy for a B-to-B high-tech start-up.

Bizland: Appointing the Chief: Challenges of succession planning as a start-up brings on its first “professional” manager.

Harmony Salons: Adaptation of student deliverable to study planning assumptions in a full-length business plan. Reeling in the Big Catch: Evaluation of homegrown business plan for a B-to-B online seafood trading company.

Greylock Resorts: An Investment Opportunity: Adaptation of student deliverable to determine investment attractiveness in a resort hotel.

LoJack: Honing in on the Route to Strategic Success: A CEO faces multiple strategic choices to right a company whose stock price is in decline.

Pegasus Adaptation of student deliverable for use as a sample business plan in an Entrepreneurship and Business Plan MBA course.