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Camille Baulant

Camille Baulant likes to help businesses to remain competitive in a global market. As part of her research in the GRANEM , Camille Baulant, Doctor of Economic Sciences and associate professor at the Université Angers, she is very interested SMEs and clusters, and connecting structures in a given territory actors: SMEs, local authorities, research centers , training centers, etc. to increase their economic efficiency. 
Mr. Yuya Kiuchi

Mr. Yuya Kiuchi

Mr. Yuya Kiuchi received his Ph.D. in American Studies from Michigan State University. His research interests include post-bellum African American culture and history, use of media for social change and community empowerment, history of memory production and consumption, and identity formation through media use and conten production. He is currently a fixed-term assistant professor of the Department of Writing, Rhetoric, and American Cultures at Michigan State University. He has translated and published multiple books from English to Japanese, including Barack Obama’s first autobiography, Dreams from My Father.

Samir Jaluria

Mr. Samir Jaluria has 7 years of experience in consulting, client service, marketing strategy, project management, global business development and procurement. He has worked with a wide array of companies, including Kaiser Permanente, GE Healthcare, Philips, Thermo Fisher Scientific, John Hancock Financial, Johnson & Johnson, Broadlane, Smith Barney, New York Life Investment Management, United Technologies, Cardinal Health, Gulfstream and Intel Healthcare. 

Work with emerging and growing companies to develop and execute effective communication strategies using websites, social media and traditional publications. Work with authors to start and complete books. Work with writers to improve their skills.