Whetting your appetite…with commercials?


Author Allen Salkin in his latest book From Scratch, recently told the Huffington PostThe business of the Food Network is not to get you to cook more. It is to get you to watch more Food Network.

How does the TV industry evaluate these now ubiquitous cooking shows?  What are the full revenue streams from using a celebrity chef?  My latest case study for my Building & Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures course will answer these questions.  This summer, in other new cases for my International Entrepreneurship course, we’re also studying the expansion strategies of a Venezuelan-based firm specializing in shipping container tracking, and how an American who’s been a permanent Chinese resident for 20+ years is capitalizing on sponsorship opportunities for top tennis and basketball players in China.



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Gregory Stoller

Greg Stoller is actively involved in building entrepreneurship and international business programs at Boston University in the Questrom School of Business. He teaches courses in entrepreneurship, global strategy and management and runs the Asian International Management Experience Program, and the Asian International Consulting Project.

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