Episode 14: Global Commerce with a Local Touch


Conventional wisdom says “think global but act local.” But with so much technological interconnectivity, is there really such a thing as a local market anymore? We’ll literally go all over the world examining these local markets, from Palestine to Singapore.

The full 30-minute episode is featured, with segments broken apart below featuring Derek Wong, Marie Hladikova, Titus Yong and Ziad Anabtawi. You can also view a non YouTube version of the episode.

If you buy or sell a lot of stuff from one particular country, should you eventually purchase property there? People from China—the world’s factory where we buy so many of our products—are actively purchasing US property, and paying cash. Derek Wong is helping make this happen as a US real estate broker.
Marie Hladikova came to the US as an au pair from the Czech Republic well over a decade ago…and never left. Along this non-traditional path, she taught herself English, and put herself through college and law school, passing the bar exam on the first try. Think you could pull off the same feat?  
Creativity, Collaboration, Character Strengths. Sounds like a typical, corporate boardroom mission statement, doesn’t it? Try asking Titus Yong that question, and you may be surprised by his answer.
Pioneer and olive oil aren’t often used in the same sentence. But don’t tell that to Ziad Anabtawi in Nablus, Palestine. It’s part of his company’s mission statement.  

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