Episode 13: Bold Business Moves


When is it time to move on from what you’re doing…and go for the gold? Episode #13 of the Language of Business is now on-the-air!

The full 30-minute episode is below, featuring Mike Dreitzer, Bonnie Fendrock, Chuck Stravin and Andrew Wiener. Click on their names below for the individual interview segments. You can also view a non YouTube version of the episode.

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Six jobs and 17 years later Mike Dreitzer is now the President of the North American division of a game technology company Ainsworth. Do most people follow his same circuitous path to success?  
What happens when you leave a company that you co-founded? Bonnie Fendrock knows all about that, as it comes with the territory in her career as a successful life sciences executive. 
Think you know a thing or two about what makes a product successful? Try comparing your knowledge with Chuck Stravin. He’s been recruited and handpicked by multiple CEOs to bring structure and stability to their organizations.
He’s so proud of his work his company bears his own name. But, what happens if something goes wrong, or worse, everything is just mediocre? No one gets a 2nd chance, and especially not the caterer. You can view Andrew Wiener’s company website for more info.  


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Read thoughts from one of Bonnie’s clients.

Here are some of the companies Chuck discussed during his interview:


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