GREAT day for IME both at the Wall and Alumni Event


Let’s face it; it IS a *great* wall and certainly lived up to expectations. The Forbidden City was fantastic, too, but the weather was extremely hot. Everyone was back by 5:30 and then used an hour to shower.

The Alumni Event should have been routine, but during dinner the power went out due to a huge wind / rainstorm. The restaurant tried to use their battery, handheld devices for credit card processing but they couldn’t get them to work. One of our alums, myself & one of the restaurant staff hiked literally a mile in the rain to find an ATM but I couldn’t get my Bank of America card to work. (I didn’t expect to need cash so didn’t have my Citibank card with me). It was POURING, wind driven cold rain and we’re both soaked through and through. We eventually figured out payment, with lots of laughs along the way and the alumni took the students out to a 2nd venue.

Free morning tomorrow for last minute sightseeing / shopping, and off to Boston tomorrow afternoon.

Pictures below posted with permission.


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