Vietnam’s Hi-tech Start-ups


Hello from Ho Chi Minh City. This was the “hi tech” portion of our itinerary. We met with the country head from IDC / IDG, which provides market analysis services (i.e. number of cell phones deployed, computers sold) and has recently expanded into IDG Ventures, as an investment arm. They invited several of their young staff and other university students, and we had a 90 minute interactive session on doing business in Vietnam, market trends and networking.

In the afternoon, we visited Glass Egg Digital Media, which is a game developer and art production facility based in Ho Chi Minh City. Like IDC / IDG, I’ve also known them for several years and am so very proud to see their success. They gave the students an office tour, corporate overview and then took extensive Q&A.

There’s a free night tonight, and then sightseeing tomorrow.

Pictures below posted with both companies’ permission.


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