Exciting 1st day in Ho Chi Minh


Everyone slept in this morning and then a subset of the group met for lunch. We ended up playing “human frogger” crossing the streets (check out the 10 second video to see if you could find a long enough break to cross) and eventually just settled on cold tea. P&G hosted us in the afternoon, with three executives describing their branding, distribution, and management strategies not only in Vietnam, but also as an extension of corporate.

Roussel Vietnam

was our evening visit. To say they rolled out the red carpet would be an understatement. Two HUGE signs greeted us as we entered and they not only provided dinner, but also furnished each student with a personalized name tag and individual gift. They provided a very formal corporate presentation followed by bilingual Q&A.

Both companies are confirmed for next year, too.

Our final two visits are tomorrow, followed by sightseeing on Saturday.

Photos below reprinted via individual company permission.


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