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Titus Yong passed through Boston this week from Singapore. He’s the Edupreneur & Director at Ingenio and discussed how his company competes globally. The interview also touched upon the science of education.

On the June episode of the Language of Business we’ll discuss how to think globally in a local world. Conventional wisdom says “think global but act local.” But with so much technological interconnectivity, is there really such a thing as a local market anymore?

Continuous business improvement for start-ups, and established ventures: The Language of Business.

Our 4 guests will be:

Derek Wong, President of V&E Realty, whose web site is here. He’ll discuss Chinese nationals purchasing property in Massachusetts.

Marie Hladikova, Export Control Director at Boston University, and here’s her LinkedIn profile. She’ll discuss her emigration to the US from the Czech Republic.

Titus Yong, Edupreneur & Director @ Ingenio. Here’s his LinkedIn profile. He’ll discuss his new Singapore-based start-up, which has already exported to the UK and to the US.

Ziad Anabtawi, Chairman and CEO of the Anabtawi Group, and here’s his write-up on LinkedIn. He’ll discuss his business in Palestine and what it’s like to be one of the first companies in the entire country.

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