C’est si bon: Special TV interview with leading French Economist


Someone’s giving you $100,000 but you must invest it in a single nation. Would you still do it, if it wasn’t your own country? Watch a special Language of Business TV segment with footage shot both in France and in the US.

Continuous business improvement for start-ups, and established ventures: The Language of Business.

My guest is Dr. Camille Baulant from the University of Angers and this is her LinkedIn profile. On a recent trip to France, I connected with her, and spoke in depth about the French political and economic situation. We invited her back to our studio to share some of that insightful conversation.

The New York Times recently published a contrarian article about entrepreneurship in France on this link. What are your thoughts?


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Greg Stoller is actively involved in building entrepreneurship and international business programs at Boston University in the Questrom School of Business. He teaches courses in entrepreneurship, global strategy and management and runs the Asian International Management Experience Program, and the Asian International Consulting Project.

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