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Communicating well in business is tough, and the subtlest mistakes can immediately derail even the best deals. Whether getting your intended point across is a born talent, or learned over time, all executives can improve—including the most senior ones—if they’re truly willing to be critiqued. How to effectively communicate, on the next Language of Business.

We debuted our new set today and check out the pictures below. Filming will occur over the next three weeks and click on the guests’ names below for their LinkedIn profiles or company web sites. This episode will air in late March / early April.

Melanie Calzetti-Spahr, who will discuss how to mentor and prep younger employees in the workplace.

Bill Kenney has begun a new company, Test My Pitch, which provides detailed feedback on presentations. Here’s his profile.

Brenda Bence, joining us from Skype in Singapore, will discuss high-level executive leadership / coaching. Here’s her profile.

Marjorie Whittaker, who will discuss business communication / training for non-native English speakers. This is her LinkedIn profile.

Dr. Camille Baulant spending this week in Boston and we interviewed her in a special additional segment on the French economy. This is her LinkedIn profile.



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