Camille Baulant: More interesting research coming from France


This is some new, exciting research coming out of France, by Dr. Camille Baulant and Dr. Serge Blondel, both of whom will in Boston, in March. It’s a French article but here’s the English abstract below.

Croatia joins European Union in 2012: How can Croatia export efficiently in the Global Market?

The main aim of the article is to analyse how Croatia inserts in the world economy. As the world economy changes, the insertion strategy needs to change also. The country can’t any more choose an insertion based on export markets as well as choose an insertion based on internal economy. Nowadays, we know well the limits of the strategy of growth only based on export markets. The paper presents the three main points of the growth strategy of Croatia: tourism exports, industry specialisation and the key role of FDI to finance its growth. On the opposite side, Croatia must be careful because its industrial exports are still highly dependant of price-competitiveness and the high exchange rate policy could damage its exports.

You can read the paper here.


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Camille Baulant

Camille Baulant likes to help businesses to remain competitive in a global market. As part of her research in the GRANEM , Camille Baulant, Doctor of Economic Sciences and associate professor at the Université Angers, she is very interested SMEs and clusters, and connecting structures in a given territory actors: SMEs, local authorities, research centers , training centers, etc. to increase their economic efficiency.

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