Another BC Business Plan Course idea being launched!


Getting enough protein? Dr. Brian Chiswell does. Dimensions BioSciences has launched and is now doing business. His Linked In Profile is here, and the company he founded is in the process of securing the initial contracts for his protein engineering service, which will generate customized protein reagents for pharmaceutical and academic research laboratories. The engineering solutions offered by the company are aimed at increasing the solubility and stability of the proteins, saving researchers time and money while enhancing their ability to generate quality data.

Dimension BioSciences was part of the Boston College Business Plan course in the Fall of 2011. The company is operating out of Brooklyn, NY and will be updating its website soon with more information.

Dr. Chiswell is also widely published in this area, as per this link from the National Academy of Science proceedings.

Congratulations to Brian and to his team!

Dr. Brian Chiswell, founder of Dimension Bio Sciences

Dr. Brian Chiswell, founder of Dimension Bio Sciences


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