Episode 03: Marketing Plan


Thank you for supporting the Show. Episode #3 on the Language of Business has now been completed!

Enjoy, and thanks for your support. This past Monday we’ve gone into national distribution across the US and have already been picked up by stations in California and Florida.

Please have prospective entrepreneurs check out the Business Plan course web site and contact me directly.



Our first guest, Lisa Tanzer, is a marketing executive from large companies such as Princeton Review, Cookie Jar Entertainment and Staples. Her current start-up is knownbuy.com where she’s the Co-founder / CEO, and the company is an easy way for people to “sell stuff they no longer need and buy stuff they want by shopping with people they know or are connected to in some way.”

Sarah Fay is a veteran of the media services industry: in her two decades of experience, she has developed and implemented groundbreaking new models for advertising and media. Over the course of her career, Sarah has become a well-known voice in the advertising industry on the topics of digital marketing and media integration. She has helped to build one of the most recognized digital companies in the world through a combination of acquisitions, new business wins, and organic growth.
Drew Hannah is our Entrepreneur on Episode #3 of the Show. He is known for an ability to work well with founders/executive teams, especially those whose deep domain expertise is a source of innovation and competitive advantage. Drew provides hands-on CEO-level execution and guidance necessary to position, fund and transform revenue stage businesses to maximize profits and to accelerate growth.


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