Jeff Hulton: What you don’t know WILL hurt you in business!


What do you have to say? In each episode of the Language of Business, we’ll identify a discussion theme so we can hear from you. Our first topic comes from recent guest Jeff Hulton.

He has some thoughts on how to sell Fine Art Prints and whatever product you have in mind, but he says not always easy:

What we all sometimes forget in all those sleepless nights developing our idea, all those overdue credit card bills funding “the next Facebook” and our third espresso is – Not everyone thinks like us, lives like us, acts like us and most importantly shares the same pains or desires we do. Our friends may think our idea is the Bomb but so far the world has been getting along without us and it’s going to be OUR job to change that. (Your father told you to get a real job!)

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An essay from Jeff on this topic is here. Post your reactions to the broadcast or his essay here to the Blog, or on the Language of Business Facebook page. One of Jeff’s works is below from


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