Episode 01: Business Plans


Are you starting a new business? Where do you begin? The Language of Business TV show is now on-the-air, on TV, and YouTube.

Each 30-minute broadcast will involve three separate entrepreneur interviews. The first two guests have opposite positions on the same issue. Our third guest, an entrepreneur in the midst of implementing an actual business, offers their perspective.

Many thanks to everyone who has so graciously volunteered their time for this project, inside and outside of Boston College.

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Episode #1 explores the need for a 50-page written Business Plan, in today’s fast-paced, text-message laden, and short attention span business environment. The first guest (Tony Solomons of Ideal Marketing Group) doesn’t believe such a document is always necessary anymore.

Jeff Hulton (our second guest) of Sporting Photo Art feels differently from Tony Solomons.
Our third guest, Cindy Brown, will provide her thoughts, as she builds Boston’s first Ice Bar, Frost.


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Gregory Stoller

Greg Stoller is actively involved in building entrepreneurship and international business programs at Boston University in the Questrom School of Business. He teaches courses in entrepreneurship, global strategy and management and runs the Asian International Management Experience Program, and the Asian International Consulting Project.

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