Our 11-year old and volunteering at a Senior Care Facility


This post has nothing to do with business, except for the spurious connection that it involves an organization where I’m a Trustee, involved with their Investment and Retirement committees. Our 11-year old is in the process of preparing for his 2014 Bar Mitzvah, where one of his requirements is to complete a 20-hour volunteer engagement. He selected this senior care facility amongst different choices we offered, and today was his first hour of service. My wife and I decided to join him. Given the environment, we were concerned if we had done the right thing in involving him in working with this population at such a young age, and even if so, whether he would even enjoy himself. He was extremely mature, received heaps of praise from the staff on a job well done and eagerly said he wants to continue next week. We’re so proud of him and thank you for briefly indulging me by reading this. (And, for our part, it was nice giving back to this organization through a different type of activity). If our son doesn’t stop simply because he’s fulfilled his requisite number of hours, it would then become a Grand Slam rather than just a potential home run.


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