Audience “Talk Back” for the Play “You for Me for You”


What a great experience this past Friday night! Thank you to part-time actor Michael Tow for inviting me to the Company One performance of the Play “You for Me for You” (playwright Mia Chung). Lots of audience members had questions so the discussion lasted about 30 minutes.

I’m trying to get their drama researcher / expert to talk in one of my classes this spring. I spoke about our IME Asia Program’s trips to South Korea, the economic problems the toppling of North Korea would have on the South, as well as on the Pacific Rim, and some experiments the two Korea’s are doing through the Kaesong Industrial complex to create some jobs for North Koreans under South Korean management. We had a whole briefing on this complex right behind the DMZ in 2011.

a) Here’s the web site for the Play. Michael Tow has introduced some ideas to us over-the-years for my Entrepreneurship and Business Plan course, and has been on the Radio Entrepreneurs show. He’s a financial planner by day, part-time actor at night.

b) A quick synopsis of the Play is here:

Two sisters strike a dangerous bargain to flee their homeland. It costs more than money to make the passage, but The Crossing always does. When faced with a world of new shoes, intelligent phones, and forty-two ways to treat your cough, can a sister’s promise bridge the gaps of time and space? Playwright Mia Chung conjures an imaginative, and unexpectedly funny journey about defecting from North Korea to America, and back again.

c) 3 photos are below, too. The other gentleman is the “dramaturge” or drama expert, named Tyler Monroe, who helped facilitate the interview.

d) Please support Company One and go see the Play. It runs through February 16th.


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