It’s great to be in Europe…


I’m very much enjoying my time in Europe. This year I’m lucky to have a class of 46 students, collectively representing nearly 10 different nationalities. None of these comes from an English speaking country, either. Many of the nationalities are from the European Union and I’m always (positively) reminded about the esprit de corps such a group brings along with it.

The students are smart, articulate, and in a refreshing comparison with past classes I’ve taught in France, attendance is in the high 90% range at each of my sessions. It’s also nice to receive so many emails from the students after class ends each day. It’s clear that regardless of their country of origin, cultural stereotypes or anything other impediment preventing an easy comparison amongst a diverse group, they all want to learn. From my end, it’s another reminder of how lucky I am to have this opportunity in the classroom.

The school’s Administration has made everything a pleasure, as well. Everything is discussed in French, which is great practice for me, of course, and all the different aspects of running a course (i.e., room assignments, projection equipment, home assignments) have, to date, gone off without a hitch. It’s also been nice interfacing with the students and faculty in the School’s cafeteria or taking a break to get coffee. Finally, all of the material I’ve read about French culture and the requisites “do’s” and “don’ts” is right on the money.


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Gregory Stoller

Greg Stoller is actively involved in building entrepreneurship and international business programs at Boston University in the Questrom School of Business. He teaches courses in entrepreneurship, global strategy and management and runs the Asian International Management Experience Program, and the Asian International Consulting Project.

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